Let It Rip

Prayer, Meditation, Visualization, Mindfulness, and Body Movement are great tools for sustaining harmony and balance in our lives. The practice of any of these tools moves us to extraordinary moments. It’s “good stuff.” And yet we all know there are those times when we just have to get the hurt, anger and frustration out quick, fast and in a hurry to make space for the mind to get to that “good stuff.” Keeping thoughts and feelings in just makes them multiply. So in those times give yourself permission to:

Scream, yell, holla
Kick something (not someone)

When I find myself thinking or saying, “Make Me Wanna Holla, “I know that’s exactly what I need to do. Otherwise, my thoughts about whatever the situation is will keep looping in my head and come out at the wrong time and place with the wrong person. Or it will remain inside eating away at me. It was such a situation that had me start a site called, Fuck Cancer. The funny thing is I didn’t curse cancer out when I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. Oh no. I reserved that for later when my child received a cancer diagnosis. I let it rip so hard, I made new word combinations. I wrote out my rant, recorded it and only then did I notice my breathing return to normal. What relief! Having a place where people could express themselves using any language they chose without fear of judgment (oh my gosh she said that) was my intention. Yet, I was so concerned about what people would think of me, the Delicious Life Coach, that I sat on the site for months. Well, guess what? The cuss out, yell out, cry out is “good stuff” too. In fact, it is a gateway to accessing the meditative and contemplative tools. So, don’t confine or confuse yourself, give yourself permission to let it rip, and see what comes next. #fuckcancer #fuckbreastcancer #Avon39walk

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