This Darn Allergy

This darn allergy! I coughed most of the night, couldn’t get in a comfortable position, kept having to get up until finally, I’d had it! I jumped in a hot shower, threw on some clothes, came to the hotel lobby thinking I’d grab a cup of hot tea and lo and behold, the beverage bar doesn’t open until 6:30. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! What kind of nonsense is that? It’s only 5a.m. so now what?

I write about envisioning myself holding a steaming cup of mint tea, loaded with lemon and maybe just maybe a little honey. If I were at home, I’d pinch some cayenne in my tea. It works wonders. I wrack my brain thinking of what started this whole thing. I’ve been eating “clean” for the most part. I did have some bread the other day and a little bit of cheese. Both are no nos for me especially during this season when I want to keep the excess mucous to a minimum. Perhaps it was the excitement of upcoming events or the worrying(yuck) I had done weeks before about the health of my loved ones. Thoughts can create all kinds of havoc and recovery in the body. Louise Hay writes extensively about that in You Can Heal Your Life.

Maybe, I should have refrained from the early hour gardening work I did yesterday. It had rained so I felt safe from the pollen. Even though I wasn’t sneezing, I could feel a little something happening in my throat as I fashioned wire hangers into supports for the netting I laid over my bloom-less plants. It was my keep out the deer project since they had seen fit to eat my newly planted pansies. Those self entitled deer ate the blooms, pulled the plants out by the root and left them in my yard to find. Oh, they were not going to get away with that! My neighbor saw me outside and described how they strut across my backyard at night, looking for something to eat. What a sight that must be. I wish I had been there to see their faces last night when they tried to pull up the fake pansies I put in the ground next to the real ones. Ha ha! Yes, I did!

Instead, I am several states away thinking about hot tea, reducing allergy triggers and getting rid of this cough. Only 30 minutes to go. Actually, I hear rumblings in the food bar. I won’t have to wait any longer for my tea!

Ah! Morrocan Mint never tasted so good!

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