Do You Eat Too Fast?

For years, my mother would tell me that I ate too fast.   Of course, I didn’t want to hear that from her.  She was right, though.  When we sat down for a meal together, I finished first and sometimes was going for seconds while she was still on her first helping.  She would look at me and shake her head.

I made a pledge to myself to slow down and be in the moment.  Eating slowly and savoring my food, seemed like a simple place to start.  Well, what sounds simple isn’t necessarily easy.  I would begin the meal by taking my time, admiring the colorful food on the plate, chewing my food thoroughly and then a thought would intervene of what I hadn’t done, needed to do, or where I had to go.  Those thoughts threw me right back into rushing.  So, I had to stop the thoughts and change them to something that would help me reach my goal of slowing down and enjoying my food.  For me, the thought is “I am taking the time to nourish my body with this food.”

The benefit has been that I’ve been eating less without feeling as though I’m missing out on something.  The extra bonus is that slowing down has even helped me lose a few pounds.

To those who know they eat too fast, consider this:

1.  Sit down when you eat. (no standing up, walking, talking on the phone, watching television,                 working on the computer) Grab and go can give you heartburn.

2.  Give thanks for the meal that has been provided.

3.  Eat slowly, savor your food, chew thoroughly and swallow before taking the next bite.

4.  Avoid skipping meals. When you skip, it will make you feel hungry and encourage you to eat               more and quickly.

5.  Use smaller plates. It will make your servings seem larger.