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About us

Welcome to Your Delicious Life!

I decided it is time for me to bring my knowledge of vegetarian food, healthy eating and living to benefit all the people I know and will meet.

Those who I have known over the years have already reaped the benefits. Through conversations around the kitchen table to organized classes, many have asked me over the years, how to get started changing your diet for a healthier life.

Some want to know how to upgrade their menus and encourage loved ones to do the same, while others have been waiting for the cookbook. So, all of that is happening.

Let's live longer and better!

What Will I Do for You?

People often seek coaching when they want something different in their lives.

  • Are you going through a transition of some sort- changes in a relationship, career, or you want to make a move and something is getting in the way?
  • Is there a life issue that you are dealing with and you want a clearer view?
  • Have you thought that it’s time to change your thinking, eating and/or life habits? 

If the answer is YES to any of those questions, then coaching with me will be a great choice for you.

Over the past 15 years, I have been coaching people in life management and finding joy.

What is my strategy?

It is called Recipes for Creating a Delicious Life. It consists of proven and effective strategies for getting the results you want.
This is what happens when I work with you in creating your Delicious Life:

  • I will ask the powerful questions that help you uncover your answers to designing the life you really want.
  • I will counsel you in how to continue and maintain healthy weight loss.
  • I will guide you through barriers of thinking that cause weight gain in the first place.
  • I will coach you in shifting from a meat to plant-based eating style when desired or required.
  • I will instruct you in meal planning, preparation and cooking for your new eating style.
  • I believe you know what is best for you and I will partner with you to attain it.

Who am I?

Darrilyn Vassar Jackson, LCSW-C I am a passionate advocate and Life Coach for people living their lives fully and healthily. I accomplish this through interactive and fun individual and group coaching sessions, cooking classes, books and CDs.


only I can change my life.
No one can do it for me.

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